Wednesday, March 21, 2018

St. Patrick, St. Cuthbert, and John Rutter Walk Into a Pub...

Beautiful Wisconsin
in the springtime

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1. On this first official day of spring tell us something (besides the weather) you're looking forward to in this season of the year.

When you endure a long winter, as we do here in Wisconsin, the weather of spring/summer/fall IS what's on our minds this time of year. We cram a lot into those months from April through October: good country walks, visiting friends and family, campfires, day trips, and other general outdoor adventures. Oh, and I mustn't forget moon walks! We've plans with friends for the Full Moon Walk the end of April. - check out Carla's blog

One of three photos I took at
our St. Patrick's Day party on Saturday evening.
After dinner, the kids gathered to play Liar's Dice.

There were a lot of CrockPots in use that evening!

2. When it comes to spring cleaning would you rather wash windows or wash baseboards? Clean out closets or clean out the garage? Dust ceiling fans or dust bookcases? Wipe down the patio furniture outside or wipe down the light fixtures inside? Any of these tasks recently completed?

This reminds me of the 'would you rather' questions that my grandkids ask: 'Would you rather be thrown into a den of rattlesnakes or be stung by 100 scorpions?'  but if I had to choose any of those, it would be to dust the bookcases. Although I have a lot of them, that would be the least objectionable of any of the jobs listed. And besides, I can always pick up something to read.

3. Your favorite thing to make/eat that calls for cream cheese? Sour cream? Whipped cream?

I love cream cheese/chicken in the CrockPot. To a can of green chilies, I add a block of cream cheese, stir well, and pour it over four boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Delicious meal in 6-8 hours! Sour cream? I put sour cream in the Shepherd's Pie that I  made for our St. Patrick's Day dinner (along with an entire bottle of Guinness). Making the Shepherd's Pie took far longer than rounding up a flock of sheep, but I'll have to admit that it was certainly tasty and sticks to the ribs (and hips and waist). Whipped cream? My favorite thing with whipped cream would be the strawberry freezer dessert made with a blend of strawberries, lemon juice, whipped cream, and spread on a shortbread-type crust, then frozen. Another delicious treat!

4. I read here a list of commonly mispronounced words. What is a word that gives you trouble when it comes to pronunciation?

I don't usually have a problem with pronunciation until it comes to names - and those are pronounced however the owner chooses, of course. But I am one of those people who loves it when someone includes a pronunciation guide for people or place names, because I like to be able to pronounce them. If I can't, they stick in my mind, continually pestering in the background, while my brain is trying to figure them out. That's very annoying.

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch  - It's a place in Wales. And I've long since given up on trying to pronounce it. 

Well, maybe not, now that I've found this:

via WalesOnline

5. What's a song you love* with the word 'rain' in the title or lyrics?

* emphasis added.

LOOK AT THE WORLD, by John Rutter

(listen, below, in 'Random')

Look at the world: Everything all around us
Look at the world: and marvel everyday
Look at the world: So many joys and wonders
So many miracles along our way

Praise to thee O Lord for all creation
Give us thankful hearts that we may see
All the gifts we share and every blessing
All things come of thee

Look at the earth: Bringing forth fruit and flower
Look at the sky: The sunshine and the rain
Look at the hills, look at the trees and mountains
Valley and flowing river field and plain

Praise to thee O Lord for all creation
Give us thankful hearts that we may see
All the gifts we share and every blessing
All things come of thee

Think of the spring, Think of the warmth of summer
Bringing the harvest before the winters cold
Everything grows, everything has a season
Til' it is gathered to the fathers fold

Praise to thee O Lord for all creation
Give us thankful hearts that we may see
All the gifts we share and every blessing
All things come of thee

Every good gift, all that we need and cherish
Comes from the Lord in token of his love
We are his hands, stewards of all his bounty
His is the earth and his the heavens above

Praise to thee, O Lord for all creation
Give us thankful hearts that we may see
All the gifts we share, and every blessing
All things come of thee
All things come of thee

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

As I write this blog post on Tuesday, the following event is still three hours in the future, and how I'd love to be there!:



20 March 2018

This joyous service commemorating the life of St Cuthbert includes the Lucernarium (the blessing of the light), and the offering of incense. The service concludes with a procession to the Feretory where the Cathedral Choir will sing the late John Tavener’s work, Ikon of St Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, written specially for Durham Cathedral. 

Part of St Cuthbert Festival.


Note: I've written a handful of posts about St. Cuthbert, which you can find, if you so wish, by typing 'St. Cuthbert' in the search bar to the right of this post.


And one last thought:

I asked Tommy what he thought of the vet putting him on a diet.


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Sunday, March 18, 2018

On Earth As In Heaven

Then what??

Immanuel Lutheran Church, Cashton, WI


"When the New Testament speaks of God’s kingdom it never, ever, refers to heaven pure and simple. It always refers to God’s kingdom coming on earth as in heaven, as Jesus himself taught us to pray. We have slipped into the easygoing language of ‘the kingdom of heaven’ in the sense of God’s kingdom being ‘heaven’, but the early church never spoke like that. The point about heaven is that heaven is the control room for earth. Heaven is the CEO’s office from which earth is run – or it’s supposed to be, which is why we’re told to pray for that to become a reality. And the point of the Ascension, paradoxically in terms of the ways in which generations of western Christians have seen it, is that this is the moment when that prayer is gloriously answered.

"Paradoxically, of course, because we have been used to seeing ‘heaven’ as a place separated from earth, somewhere far away, way beyond the blue. But that’s not how the Bible sees it, not at all. Heaven is God’s space, and earth is our space. ‘The heavens belong to YHWH,’ declares the Psalmist, ‘and the earth he has given to the human race.’ But the point of God’s split-level good creation, heaven and earth, is not that earth is a kind of training ground for heaven, but that heaven and earth are designed to overlap and interlock (which is, by the way, the foundation of all sacramental theology, with the sacraments as one of the places where this overlap actually happens), and that one day – as the book of Revelation makes very clear – one day they will do so fully and for ever, as the New Jerusalem comes down from heaven to earth."

This is all explained further in the book, Surprised By Hope, by N.T. Wright.

Have a blessed Lord's Day,



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