Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A Bleak and Cranky February Hodgepodge

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Note to Joyce:  Thank you for your dedication to the Wednesday Hodgepodge. Please don't take my cranky answers personally. xo

1. Where do you go when you need some inspiration?

Scripture. Prayer. Music. Books. Wine.
The books pictured are a small sampling. The music that inspires me ranges from John Rutter (96%) to Bing Crosby to James Taylor.

2. What's under your bed?

Not a thing, except carpet. Or is that supposed to be a metaphor?

Another bleak Wisconsin winter landscape

Last week, on the way home from Madison
We're in the February dreariness.

3. Thursday, February 22nd is National Chili Day, National Margarita Day, and National Cook a Sweet Potato Day. Of the three which would you most like to celebrate? Is that likely?

Who makes up this stuff anyway? I don't celebrate any of these 'national-fill-in-the-blank days,' but I would most likely bake a sweet potato. There are four of them sitting on the kitchen counter.

4. What are you 'snowed under' with right now?

Snow. Just snow. And plenty of it.

5. Tell us three to five things that make you feel balanced?

I think feeling balanced is highly overrated. Besides, if you live where winter takes up half the calendar year, it's difficult to imagine feeling balanced. And if I sound cranky, I promise it will get better once the gray days leave and color is restored to the landscape.

What May looks like, most years.

What May looked like in 2013

6. Insert your own random thought here.


Really, it's just February. In January we're still riding the wave of Christmas, and it's usually very sunny (though beastly cold). I love sunny. And in March, although it's two months yet before the flowers poke through the soil, the daylight is longer and the temps are working their way upward, which usually means the roads are clear for taking walks. There's just something so tough about getting through February. Snowy, bleak, miserable, gray February. Good thing it's the shortest month, because it seems like the longest. And I know I'm not the only one suffering from February blues. Feel free to complain in a comment. :-)

But there is one good thing about February:

Daughter #1
Happy Birthday! (next week)


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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Te Deum Laudamus, St. Peter & St. Paul, Blockley

Te Deum Laudamus

We praise thee, O God; we acknowledge thee to be the Lord.
All the earth doth worship thee, the Father everlasting.
To thee all angels cry aloud, the heavens and all the powers therein.
To thee cherubin and seraphin continually do cry,
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Sabaoth;
Heaven and earth are full of the majesty of thy glory.
The glorious company of the apostles praise thee.
The goodly fellowship of the prophets praise thee.
The noble army of martyrs praise thee.
The holy Church throughout all the world doth acknowledge thee:
the Father of an infinite majesty;
thine honourable, true and only Son;
also the Holy Ghost the Comforter.
Thou art the King of glory, O Christ.
Thou art the everlasting Son of the Father.
When thou tookest upon thee to deliver man,
thou didst not abhor the Virgin’s womb.
When thou hadst overcome the sharpness of death,
thou didst open the kingdom of heaven to all believers.
Thou sittest at the right hand of God, in the glory of the Father.
We believe that thou shalt come to be our judge.
We therefore pray thee, help thy servants,
whom thou hast redeemed with thy precious blood.
Make them to be numbered with thy saints in glory everlasting.
O Lord, save thy people and bless thine heritage.
Govern them and lift them up for ever.
Day by day we magnify thee;
and we worship thy name, ever world without end.
Vouchsafe, O Lord, to keep us this day without sin.
O Lord, have mercy upon us, have mercy upon us.
O Lord, let thy mercy lighten upon us, as our trust is in thee.
O Lord, in thee have I trusted; let me never be confounded.

Photos from St. Peter & St. Paul Church, Blockley
in the Cotswolds

For many photos of the interior of this late Norman church, built about 1180, check out my Anglophile Friday post

And because I know you'd love to hear Te Deum Laudamus in song, here it is, word for word:

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Have a blessed Lord's Day!



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